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Our Studio

Our new studio is home from home, and will give you the ultimate studio experience. We like you to have fun and enjoy your time with us.

The newly equipped studio can cater for families of at least 25, we have several different areas to shoot in, giving you lots of choice.

Most photoshoots last up to 1 hour, newborns a little longer, we aren’t limited to the amount and are available to view after each session.

Meet the Team

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I have been a photographer for the last 25 years, photographing everything from newborn baby shoots to full school end of term photography. I love to capture moments  that will last forever, we specialist in newborn and child photography, you can be reassured as I have 5 myself. I love my job, I love the families I meet; I am very fortunate that my love for photography brings all of these elements together for me.

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Beth is 21, she has been at the studio for 6 years, since the first year we opened! She originally came as a saturday girl, did her work experience, then once Beth left school, joined us on an apprenticeship, she has been with us ever since.

Customers love Beth, she has a wonderful way with our families, Beth spends most of her time organising and carrying out shoots in our studio.

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Shannis is nearly 20, she joined us 4 years ago on work experience, she then joined us on an apprenticeship and stayed!

She is truly lovely, customers love her and she’s perfect at organising a busy studio full of families, Shannis also spends most of her working week in our studio and heads up editing our busy weekend wedding shoots!